Day 14 — Jesus’ Love Motivates Him to Pray for Us

Day 14

Read: John 17 

One of the most loving acts we can do for others is to pray for them.  To entrust our worries about that person to the One who is Sovereign.  To the One who has the right words. To the One who comforts best and provides joy.  To the One who intimately knows us and seeks to provide the most flourishing life. 

In the moments before He was arrested and approaching death, Jesus made it a priority to steal away and pray.  In this passage, we see that He prayed for His disciples at that time, but also prayed for those who would believe in Him in the future.  He took the time to intentionally pray for our unity with one another and God, that we would be with Him, and that we would have God’s love in us.  Out of a love for us, He cried out to God on our behalf.  

Looking back, some of the times I have felt most loved and carried through dark times have been when others are praying for me.  My grandmother prayed for me often and at times wrote down specific prayers.  Other women in my community have prayed over me in person or sent texts praying over me.  It is such a simple act, but honestly takes discipline and love to do regularly.  These times have made me feel known, thought about, and so deeply cared about that these people were willing to bring me before God – whom they deemed all powerful. 

Smile in a Cup: Jesus’ love motivated Him to pray for us. 

Questions to Journal About or Answer and Comment Below:

*Is there anything in Jesus’ prayer that you feel leads you to begin praying for yourself or for others?

*Is there someone you love that God is urging you to intentionally pray for?  How can you build this rhythm into your daily life?

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