Day 15 – God Prepares us for Battle

Day 15

Read: Ephesians 6: 10 -20

In times of darkness, depression, or circumstantial heaviness – it is easy to feel vulnerable or weak. To feel as if you have no strength to stand.  To feel exposed and beaten down from the cycle of adversity.  However, we have a loving God, who does not leave us defenseless.  He provides us with armor fashioned specifically to go against these “schemes of the devil” (v.11).  He wants us to stand firm, rooted in His care and protection.  

Through Paul’s letter, He urges believers to persevere, but to also keep alert.  He wants us to know – there will be battles, but He will provide protection and a way to fight through.  One by one, He lists the armor He equips us with – truth, righteousness, readiness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, the word of God, the Spirit, and access to Him through prayer.  These pieces of armor allow us to stand firm and to boldly proclaim the gospel – to ourselves and to those around us.  

God’s provision in these things displays a loving Father who intentionally prepares and establishes His children to be protected and successful.  There are certain situations and scenarios that we are meant to face; however, He does not send us defenseless.  Our God is our defender and the supplier or all of our needs. 

Smile in a Cup: God does not leave us defenseless, but prepares us for battle. 

Questions to Journal about or Answer and Comment Below:

*Can you think of an example of how any of these pieces of armor have proved helpful for you in going through times of darkness?

*Which piece of armor can you pray God would help make evident to you currently?

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