The Deer Hunters – Season 1: Ep. 4

Aired: October 26th, 2000

Written by: Jed Seidel

Directed by: Alan Myerson

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard

Guest Starring: 

Alex Borstein – Drella, the Inn’s Harpist
Emily Kuroda  – Mrs. Kim
Dakin Matthews – Headmaster Charleston
Scott Cohen – Mr. Medina
Chad Michael Murray – Tristan
Liza Weil – Paris Geller

Places in this Episode:

Store (to buy School Supplies) — Not Doose’s, but I do not know the store’s name
Independence Inn
Kim’s Antiques
Luke’s Diner
Gilmore Home
House of the Food Critic

Summary: Rory makes her first D in English and begins obsessively studying and reading to catch up.  She and Lorelai  turn their schedules and home around to prepare for a Shakespeare test on Friday.Unfortunately, Rory arrives at school late, after being hit by a deer, and cannot take the test.  At the same time, Sookie is unhappy about a critic calling her risotto “fine”.  She obsesses over perfecting her recipe and eventually delivers a risotto, along with a properly paired wine, to the critic’s home. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Like Sookie and Rory, we will never be perfect. We were created to be dependent, not independent. We will never meet our own expectations, and we will exhaust ourselves striving for perfectionism.  Only He is good and only He is perfect. 


Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 5

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture — Shakespeare, Black Sabbath, Steely Dan, Boston, Queen, Mozart, B-52, Saved By the Bell, Pat Benetar 

Noteworthy quotes:

“Not drinking [coffee] is an option.” – Mr. Medina

“Not in my world!” – Lorelai

Observations & Questions: 

  • I’m surprised that Lorelai and Rory’s refrigerator is not plastered in eclectic magnets.
  • Mrs. Kim has absolutely no hesitation at selling the table right out from Lane and Rory. 
  • Sookie rocked the little braids a lot in these earlier episodes.  She also has bandaids to point to her clumsiness without being as over the top about it as in the first couple of episodes. 
  • All of the Chilton parents are dressed so nicely, and then here comes sweet Lorelai with her B-52 shirt under her suit jacket and short skirt. 
  • Paris pounces at her first opportunity to harass Rory over her test score and her own expertise in Shakespeare.
  • Look at all of those study snacks– fries & horseradish, chips, chocolate, etc.  What are your favorite study snacks?  Mine was always salt and vinegar chips or slim jims.
  • There is a fruit bowl on their table! Who eats that fruit? I know it’s not them!
  • Sookie and Jackson argue over zucchini.
  • The fast guitar, drum instrumental plays when Rory is driving. I have noticed this music is often played in these tense moments. 
  • Lane, look at you go with all of your lava lamps. I cannot believe Mrs. Kim does not check that Lane has properly put her clothing away, though. How did she keep this oasis hidden. 
  • “I just got hit by a deer!” This scene always makes me laugh. Of course this would happen to her right now. 
  • Okay, Mr. Medina. You seriously couldn’t let this poor girl take her test? I know you have high expectations at Chilton, but she is a new student! You cannot cut her any slack?  
  • Yes, Rory! Yell at Paris and Tristan! I love this moment because Rory is standing up for herself and letting her Lorelai shine through. 
  • “My goodness you do love throwing fits in this family.” YES. WE. DO. When you are heartless like this, sir.  But also, I so related to Rory and Lorelai in these scenes. When I have worked really hard, put in all of my effort, and not received the results I felt entitled to, I too can feel the need to lash out to all who threaten my sense of control.  
  • I love that Lorelai offers Rory an out and tells her she hopes Harvard isn’t really her dream and not Rory’s.  Children need their parents to support their best, even if it looks different than their original plans for them. Lorelai is such a sweet example of this.


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