Cinnamon’s Wake – Season 1: Ep. 5

Aired: November 2nd, 2000

Written by: Daniel Palladino

Directed by: Michael Katleman

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard

Guest Starring: 

Liz Torres — Mrs. Patti
Sally Struthers – Babette
Jared Padalecki – Dean
Ted Rooney –  Morey
Sean Gunnn – Kirk
Scott Cohen – Mr. Medina

Places in this Episode:

Emily & Richard’s house
Gilmore House
Bus Stop/Bus
Independence Inn
Doose’s Market
Coffee Shop w/ Max
Luke’s Diner

Summary: Babette and Morey’s cat, Cinnamon, passes away and Lorelai and Rory attend the wake. Rory, runs into Dean, whom she awkwardly encountered on the bus and at Doose’s, and confesses she is interested in him. She then runs away and sees Mr. Medina knocking on her door to pick her mother up for a date. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Sometimes loving our neighbors means putting ourselves aside to pick up their grief. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 3  

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture — Dolly Madison, Rancid, Henry VIII, The Bangles, Jim Carey, Jean-Paul-Sarte, Dalai Lama, Hee-Haw, Sixth Sense, Valley of the Dolls, Oprah, Angelina Jole, Billy Bob Thornton, The Big Dipper

Observations & Questions:

  • Richard and Emily’s dining room is so dark & dim! I remember it being brighter in the later episodes. 
  • I stand corrected — Rory eats the apples from the fruit bowl in the  middle of the table.
  • Rory has her “Leave me alone, I’m reading “ face on for Dean. I know she is just nervous, but I secretly wish she really was just annoyed that her book was interrupted.
  • Lorelai is GENIUS to get Sookie to make her bake sale items.  I hate baking y’all. I am so bad at it. When I am a mom, I will have to remember to recruit my friends who love to bake. 
  • Oh, there it is. Sookie’s over the top clumsiness is back. My girl almost caught the table on fire. 
  • Haha — check out that baby doll in the background at 12:36. 
  • Rory grabbed a head of lettuce? Of all things! 
  • “The counter is a sacred space! My sacred space.” I love Luke getting riled up to Sookie being behind his counter. I wonder how many times they have had this conversation before now. 
  • Luke and Sookie’s rivalry begins when they bring food to the wake.  They both are loved  and their food is loved, but help serve different purposes.
  • Rory is so spastic about Dean now. She was very calm and sarcastic. What happened, girl?
  • Max really does not know Lorelai well if he does not know she would cancel a date for her neighbor’s cat death. This woman loves her Stars Hollow people! Cue Luke– He knows her. 
  • I am shocked that Luke is supporting these shenanigans. He even sits down on the piano bench for Cinnamon’s song! This totally seems like something he would scoff at. 
  • “Well if it isn’t Kirk the Jerk!” How fitting that the intro to Kirk’s name is Patti insulting him. Also, here is Kirk’s next job — Doose’s Market Assistant Manager
  • Oh my word. How did Cinnamon live so long with all of those health issues?
  • Okay, Dean. Let’s be whiny and self deprecating ro make Rory feel guilty about not liking you.
  • “I am interested…. I gotta go.” AND THEN SHE RUNS OFF. Where did this little Bambi Rory come from?! I want to hug her and scold her at the same time. 
  • Emily always has that fire going. Who builds that fire for her? Richard or the maids? — are they maids yet, or still cooks?
  • Rory tried so hard to warn Lorelai.  “ Hold on. I’m looking up aneurysm in our medical dictionary to see if I just had one.” LOL classic, dry Emily. She certainly has a flair for the dramatics. 
  • Why does Lorelai have all those spices if she doesn’t cook? And are those red onions on the refrigerator?
  • Do they collect salt and pepper shakers? I at least see cacti, dogs, and pigs.
  • The coffee maker is in a different location. There are yellow canisters where the coffee pot is in the future. Now the coffee pot is to the right of the microwave. 
  • In the credits it said the wardrobe was provided by Alloy. OMG. Do y’all remember Alloy? I remember pouring repetitively over that magazine and picking out all of my 90s fashion inspiration.

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