Kill Me Now – Season 1: Ep. 3

Aired: October 19th, 2000

Written by: Joanne Waters

Directed by: Adam Nimoy

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann –Richard

Guest Starring:

Liz Torres — Mrs. Patti
Sally Struthers – Babette
Meagen Fay — Mrs. Shales
Eileen Bannett — Nanette
Alex Borstein — Drella, the Inn’s harpist
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. — Julian
Jay Gerber — Edward James

Places in this Episode:

Richard and Emily’s House
Independence Inn
The Club
Luke’s Diner

Summary: After Emily’s meddling, Richard takes Rory to the club to teach her how to golf.  He is originally reluctant, but is pleasantly surprised by Rory. They have a bonding moment, and he invites her to a lunch, which he originally refused.  During the golf outing, Lorelai is busy planning a double wedding for twins at the Inn.  Already overwhelmed with the event, Lorelai becomes self-conscious and jealous of Rory’s new closeness with Richard. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Close relationships can grow even from the most rocky, barren soil. There is always hope for reconciliation or commonality.

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 3 (maybe this is why Lorelai seemed less equipped to handle all the things)

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture — Sister Sledge, Tiger Woods, ‘NSync, Bob Barker, Antonio Banderas, Madonna, Charlie Brown, Doublemint, Pepé Le Pew, Shania Twain, Mencken’s Chrestomathy

Noteworthy quotes:

“Go away, my Advil is wearing off.” – Mrs. Shales

“So help me God, you will be sweet to this girl and make it a memorable day for her!”- Emily 

There are no rights and wrongs to the learning process.” – Richard

Observations & Questions:

  • I’m surprised that Rory got away with that choker and denim jacket at Friday night dinner.
  • Emily’s new Cook’s name is Sara (but referred to as Mira haha poor girl), but then we learn that Heidi was fired and then there was Trina, Sophia, and Antonne. So that makes at least 5 so far! 
  • Jackson and Sookie argue over a new produce item in this episode! Sookie wanted strawberries, but Jackson brought blueberries. 
  • We hear Rory and Lorelai’s plan to backpack through Europe after she graduates! 
  • “La la la” melody plays as Richard and Rory finish golfing and have their first bonding moment. We are still on track for important, “sappy” moments set apart with this music.
  • “You’re lucky. My granddaughter looks like she just fell off a potato truck.”  I laughed so hard at this line.  Do grandparents really sit around talking about their grandkids this way? I love that Richard is beginning to realize how unique and precious Rory is. 
  • Kirk shows up as a swan deliverer for the wedding. (So random. How do you get this job?) This makes job number 2! We do not know his name here, though, he is referred to as “this guy” by Lorelai. 
  • Luke is wearing a denim shirt, not flannel! I went back and he also had on denim in the first episode but flannel in the second. I just always assume he is wearing flannel — maybe that is the Mandela Effect of Luke in Gilmore Girls. 
  • Lorelai is so on edge about Rory enjoying time with her grandpa. At first I wasn’t sure if she was sad about missing out on this bonding with her father or if she was worried about losing Rory to the world she left. She makes it very clear during the sweater argument though when she yells, “Quit stealing my stuff!” 
  • Emily is still opening her own door. When will these cooks transition to maids?
  • Emily is not feeling the leftovers. “You brought us used dessert?”

Gilmore Girls Recap

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