Day 28 — The Eternal, Satisfying Marriage

Day 28

Read: Revelation 7: 9 – 10,

19: 7 – 8,

21: 2 – 5

In these passages, we see a beautiful picture of what is to come – a great multitude from every nation, tribe, and language praising God and recognizing Jesus as the Lamb who brings salvation.  John uses the imagery of a marriage between Jesus and the Church as His bride.  The Church is clothed in pure, white linens that were given from the righteousness and obedience of Christ.  The people no longer will face grief, death, or pain, but will dwell with God forever.  He makes all things new in His provision of Jesus as our Redeemer.  

As a young girl and then even as an engaged woman, I dreamed and thought up the “perfect” wedding scenarios.  I had ideas for dresses, the venue, the food, the dancing, etc.  I especially had ideas toward the “perfect” husband. While I loved my wedding, and I am eternally grateful for the husband God provided me – it all pales in comparison to the Wedding of the church to Jesus. And while Jake is exactly what I needed, he still pales in comparison to Jesus.  No one can love me or satisfy me in the way that Christ does.  How sweet to picture this beautiful scene of people from all over the ends of the earth praising and worshiping the One whom our hearts were made for! How sweet to know that He loves us so much that He desires that ending for us.  

Smile in a Cup:  God’s love is eternal, pure, loyal, and satisfying.

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