Day 27 — He Love US Through Sending the Holy Spirit

Day 27 

Read: Romans 5:5

John 16:13-14

Romans 8:26 -27

God’s love is “poured into our hearts” through His provision of the Holy Spirit as our Helper, Interceder, Teacher, and Comforter.  The Spirit searches our hearts knowing how to pray on our behalf – when we do not.  He knows all of the fears, doubts, and lies that we believe and are often too fearful to voice, and he then speaks the truths of who God is into those dark thoughts. Jesus told His disciples before leaving, it is BETTER for you that I leave so that you have the Spirit.  God loves us so much that He wanted us to have a Friend who knows and leads us straight to our true source of life – Him.  

A lot of times we try to over complicate or over analyze the Holy Spirit. We think it is too mysterious, but in simplicity – it is God’s presence dwelling right with us here on Earth.  It is His sending of Himself until we can be fully reconciled with Him eternally.  If you are someone who has chosen to believe in Christ and desire to walk according to His word, You have the promise of the Holy Spirit.  How much love the Father and Jesus show to us through providing us the Spirit?!

Smile in a Cup: He pours His love into our hearts by providing us the Holy Spirit.


*How have you seen the Holy Spirit help, guide, teacher, or comfort you recently? Spend some time thanking God for providing you His Spirit and asking that you come more in step with Him.

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