Day 21 — God Loves Us Through His Divine Wisdom

Day 21

Read: Isaiah 55: 8 – 11

In this passage, Isaiah delivers God’s message to the Israelites.  We see God as deliberate in His plans and faithful to fulfill His promises.  God reminds us, through Isaiah, that His thoughts and plans are higher than ours.  Even seemingly small everyday occurrences, like the weather, fulfill His purpose. As the rain and snow help produce a harvest that provides for farmers and consumers, God says His word will produce the fruit that He has intended.  It will not turn up empty or void, but will accomplish His purpose. 

Smile in a Cup: God shows love to us by using His divine wisdom to purposefully sow seeds of His word and provision into our lives. 

Prayer: May we become more aware of Your provision and leading in our lives.  May our desires become aligned with your plans and thoughts, as we recognize that they are supreme over our own. Let us hunger and thirst after you – our true source of life.

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