Day 20 — He Is A Faithful Provider

Day 20

Read: Psalm 105: 39 – 45

The Summer after my Sophomore year of college, I decided to go on a Summer Mission through Cru.  It would be the first time I would fly on a plane. So, naturally, I decided to fly 18+ hours to South Africa.  To say I was a ball of nerves is a bit of an understatement.  I would also be traveling with a team of people whom I had never met before, and I was tasked with raising financial support in order to take the trip.  As someone who plans (almost to a fault), I had a lot of anxiety preparing for all the logistics.  One of my leaders called me regularly to pray and check on the status of my financial support. During one of those conversations, she used this passage to remind me of God’s provision for His people. She compared the rock with water gushing out to the hearts of people I might ask to financially partner with me.  We prayed that God would soften the hearts of those He planned to use in taking the gospel to the children with whom my team and I would be working.  We prayed for the financial support to flow in naturally like the water gushing out. He was so faithful to provide all that I needed for my trip and more. 

Contextually, this passage refers to God’s provision for the Israelites as they moved toward the Promised Land.  He covers them with a cloud as they travel through the desert and gives them a fire at night.  These helped serve them in the conditions of their traveling, but also most likely protected them from any wild animals who could harm them.  He provided food for them in seeming nothingness – (quail, water, manna). He did this all – fulfilling His promise to Abraham. 

God is faithful to provide for His people.  His provision is intentional, loving, and practical. We have evidence of His provision all throughout Scripture, but if we look, we also have evidence of His provision written all over our stories. 

Smile in a Cup: He is a faithful provider. 

Questions to Journal About or Comment and Answer Below:

*How have you seen God’s provision in your life?

* It says in v. 43 that the people came out with joy and singing.  Does reflecting on God’s provision move you to worship Him?  Spend some time journaling, drawing, or singing – worshiping God for His goodness to you.

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