Forgiveness and Stuff – Season 1: Ep. 10

Aired:  December 21, 2000

Written by:  John Stephens

Directed by: Bethany Rooney

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard Gilmore

Guest Starring:

Liz Torres – Miss Patty
Jared Padalecki – Dean
Michael Winters – Taylor Doose
Sean Gunn – Kirk
Richard Fancy – Alan Prescott

Places in this Episode:

Miss Patty’s
Stars Hollow Gazebo
Independence Inn
Richard and Emily’s

Summary: Richard and Emily host their annual Christmas party.  During dinner, Richard is rushed to the hospital, and Rory calls to tell Lorelai, who was uninvited. Luke closes down the diner to take Lorelai to the hospital.  

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Never hold grudges. No matter how hurt or angry you are, always make sure others know how you love them. You never know what moment may be your last. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 3

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture — Miracle Worker, Metamorphosis, Little Bo Peep, Stairmaster, Tae-Bo, Barbie, Pez, Jimmy Hoffa

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  •  Luke understands why Lorelai is upset about missing the Gilmore Christmas party. 
  • He made her a Santa Burger! Luke, you old softy. 
  • He shuts down the diner to take Lorelai to the hospital. 
  • “I can’t imagine anyone seeing you as a disappointment.” – Luke… Okay, someone scrape ya girl off the floor. 
  • “You know you always look good.” “Yea?” “ So, what? I said you look good. We’re not in fifth grade! “
  • Luke patiently and lovingly prods until Lorelai goes in to speak to her dad.
  • Comforting her crying and bringing her coffee! Yes, honey. 
  • Luke’s Christmas present! — the blue hat!!! “ It looks good on you.” “Good how?” 🙂

Noteworthy quotes:

“You have to look at what a gift says to another person, not to you.” – Lane Kim

“Pain is part of life.” – Richard Gilmore

Stars Hollow Events: 

  • Nativity 
  • Christmas Caroling

Observations & Questions:

  • Baby Jesus is a big baby doll!! Maybe the legs and arms… or arm should I say…  are just disproportionate to the head and torso? 
  • Haha! Lorelai says Emily has such nice legs because holding grudges burns calories. 
  • Emily is still answering her own door.
  • I cannot believe Lorelai is eating a salad! It makes sense that it is straight out of a bag, but Luke would be so proud. Are Rory and Lorelai’s eating habits just a Mandela effect? Have they actually been eating healthy food all along? 
  • I feel the exact same about Lorelai talking about Rory leaving a message — I get so stressed out when people give me bare minimum details. I want to know what to expect, people!
  • “ I would like to know in your most condescending tone what will happen if I do not fill out these forms in a timely manner.” – Emily ; Ahh. That is where Lorelai gets her sassiness. 
  • “You have an escort.”
    “It’s Luke, Mom.”
    “It’s her way of saying this wasn’t a date.” … Poor, Luke!
  • I love that Luke comforts Rory and uses his experience with his Dad passing. 
  • Emily would kick someone out of the room for the better view. 
  • Emily didn’t make the tarts since Lorelai wasn’t going to be at the party. 
  • Luke and Emily have a bonding moment, and she monopolizes her chance to dig in on his and Lorelai’s relationship. “You’re idiots — the both of you.” Ditto, Emily. 
  • The scene with Richard and Lorelai tearing up and looking at each other makes me weepy EVERY TIME. 
  • I cannot believe that Emily suggested eating in the cafeteria, but love that she and Lorelai are healing and bonding.

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