28 Days of God’s Love

Woven within movies, television, books, music, and conversations, we see the theme of a deep longing to be intimately known and loved.  From birth until death, we are seeking, searching for the people in our lives to draw near and prove their care through their interactions with us in daily life.  So many of us have deep wounds from where this longing hasn’t or isn’t being met. Even as a daughter from a healthy, loving family, a woman with a wide circle of close friends, and a wife of a Godly husband, I too am caught into times of feeling unloved or unseen.  

Nothing in this world was created to truly satisfy that longing.  The only One who can intimately know and love us perfectly is God.  He has graciously placed family, friends, coworkers, pets, and more into our lives in order to give us tangible expressions of His love; however, they are all fallible.  The truth is, they will let us down. They will say the wrong words.  They will forget to do the thing.  They will become too wrapped up in their own lives.  They will cancel plans or say no to invitations.  They will allow their sin to bring hurt and destruction into your life.  Similarly, we will let them down. We will say the wrong words.  We will forget to do the thing.  We will become too wrapped up in our own lives.  We will cancel plans or say no to invitations.  We will allow our sin to bring hurt and destruction into their lives.  

In contrast,  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8).  He is only holy.  He is always present. He knows us and loves us better than we even could imagine for ourselves.  He chases out sin and destruction and redeems us.  He leads us in the way of righteousness.  

This February, to cast my mind back to the perfect love we have offered in God, I will be posting a devotional a day to remind us of the Smile in a Cup of God’s love for us.  I would love for you to join me and to share your thoughts.  We were meant to do life together and to point one another to Him. 

Day 1: 

Read– Psalm 139: 1 – 18

He knows our lives intimately.  He knows where we came from and where we’re going.  He knows our thoughts and our plans.  He protects us and comforts us, hemming us in and resting His hand on us.  He gives us the gift of His presence.  He dwells with us and goes with us to the depths.  Even when we feel as if the dark will overcome us and there is no hope, He is holding us in the safety of His hand.  Our darkness is not dark to Him – He is the Light.  “… for darkness is as light with you.” (v. 12)  He created us meticulously, intentionally, and patiently – waiting for just the right time to reveal His creation. He knows the span of our lives.  We can rest and be still, because we can be absolutely sure of His love for us. 

Smile in a Cup:  God loves us and knows us intimately.  We see this in His creation and knowledge of us. 

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