Gilmore Girls – a smile in a cup

As the long, yellow school bus slowed to a stop, I practically ran off, pushing past legs and bags in the aisle.  On lucky days, I hopped into my Nana’s gold Buick. Other days, I walked quickly, and out of breath may I add, up my Nana’s long and winding driveway.  Upon entering her home, I poured a Mason Jar full of Pepsi and scattered Lay’s Potato Chips onto a paper plate. Out of habit, I kicked off my shoes under the counter and made way for the couch.  I nestled myself between two fluffy pillows, pulled out my homework, and flipped on the TV to ABC family.  All the stress of the day fell away as I heard the familiar lyrics “… if you need, you need me to be with you, I will follow where you lead.”  

In college, I remember returning to my dorm room after a long day of expectations to find one of my roommates lounging on the couch.  The voices of Lorelai and Rory met me at the door. We were whisked away for hours into Stars Hollow, where the homework and woes of college life were put on hold. A similar scene played out during my first year of teaching with another roommate. 

Now, during stay at home orders and pandemics, Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn, and Doose’s Market  are soft places to land. Whether working on home renovations, creating lessons for remote learning, or preparing meals, Gilmore Girls has provided a comforting, grounding noise. 

No matter which stage of life or circumstances I have found myself in, Gilmore Girls has supplied comfort and comedic relief.  I know my story is not unique.  Like the two friends I mentioned previously, many love this show and rewatch it often. After seeing others  share that they too were rewatching the series during this time, I began to question — What is it that makes this show so special? Why do we love the characters so dearly? Why is this the show that we turn to in times of need?

Those questions led me here. Gilmore Girls is a smile in a cup– a simple joy hidden within our ordinary lives.  A gift to be enjoyed, carried, and remembered, and for that reason,  I will weekly begin to rewatch and recap each episode.  I invite you to join me. Watch and follow along as I keep a count of Kirk’s jobs, Emily’s maids, Stars Hollow Festivals, and many more. 

My hope is that this journey will be a fun, little joy in the midst of your ordinary, hard lives.  I pray that He will use His gifts of joy and laughter to bring you peace and comfort, and ultimately point you deeper to His unchanging love of you — even if the gift itself is not solely intended to do so.  

Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s begin!

Season 1: Episode 1 — Pilot

Gilmore Girls Recap

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