Day 25 — He Loves Us Through One Another

Day 25

Read: Colossians 3:12 – 17

Acts: 2: 42 – 47

During college, I was extremely fortunate to witness a similar community described in Acts 2.  With other believers on Lenoir-Rhyne’s campus, we attended church, Cru large group meetings,  Bible Study, and discipleship together weekly.  We ate together daily in the school cafeteria, and often spent breaks between class grabbing coffee or studying around campus.  We were encouraging one another in believing in Jesus and were holding each other accountable in walking faithfully with the Lord.  The really sweet part is that God allowed us to experience the joy of friends, sorority sisters, teammates, roommates, etc.  come to believe in Jesus or grow in their walks with the Lord as well. 

After graduating, my community has naturally changed and gone through highs and lows. Currently, I am incredibly thankful for the community God has provided for my husband and I through our church.  While I may not daily see these people or spend as much time seeking the Lord or ministering with them directly – He has shown me so much of His heart for me through them.  When we have walked through loss of family, miscarriages, leaving jobs, and difficult seasons, they have prayed with us and over us, encouraged us with Scripture, sat with us quietly or asked questions, and so much more.  In times of rejoicing and celebrating, they have praised God with us, brought us meals, offered to watch our sweet baby girl, and so much more.  

God has provided us with one another, so that we can tangibly love with His love.  We were meant to do life together and to grow in Him together.  Take it from someone who is an extreme introvert – we need people!  The times when I have hidden away and avoided others, have been some of my lowest moments.  There is health for me personally in setting boundaries and resting alone; however, there is so much joy and delight to be held in spending time with others.  He has spiritually gifted each of us in order to care for one another and to be the Church.  It is through our compassion, kindness, meekness, humility, patience, and forgiveness with one another that those who do not know Him come to see His heart for them. 

Smile in a Cup: He loves us through our love for one another.

Challenge:  Let’s pray that Colossians 3: 12 – 17 is a picture of our hearts individually as well as our hearts as the Church.  May His creation see how deeply He loves them through how we love one another – and may we, like Acts 2 records, add to those being saved day by day.

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