Day 23 — Jesus loves through Serving Breakfast

Day 23

Read: John 21: 1 – 19

When faced with grieving the loss of their beloved teacher, friend, and Savior, the disciples went back to what they knew best – fishing.  They sought the comfort and peace of going out to sea and tossing their nets into the water – patiently waiting to witness their catch.  I can imagine they must have felt so discouraged when they drew in their net and saw nothing – not even one single fish.  

Little did they know, Jesus was waiting on the beach making them breakfast with fish and bread.  Jesus went to stand on the shore and called out to the disciples asking if they had caught any fish.  They responded no, and Jesus instructed them to cast their nets onto the other side.  Verse 6 says the net became so full of fish, that they could not haul it in.  John tells Peter it is Jesus, and Peter jumps from the boat, making his way to the shore.  Jesus so lovingly and casually, like a dear friend, says “Come and have breakfast.” (v. 12)

I do not know if it is because I love breakfast, meals prepared just for me, or picnics on the beach – but this passage always makes me so aware of Jesus’ tender love and care for the disciples. He comforts them with warm food and the gift of His presence. He loves His people by providing for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Jesus then goes on to speak purpose into Peter’s new role of building His Church.  He speaks with Peter in such a way that allows Peter to know that He is aware of Peter’s denial of Him, but that He still plans to use Him. At the beginning of the passage, Peter is seemingly searching for his identity now that Jesus is not physically with him, and at the end, Jesus reminds him, his identity is in God, and his love for Him should be the motivator for His next steps.

Smile in a Cup:  He loves His people by providing for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

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