Day 19 — He Loves Us Selflessly

Day 19

Read: Philippians 2: 1 – 11

During my sophomore year in college, I remember really grasping this passage for the first time.   As someone who feels most loved through acts of service and selflessness – this side of Jesus really resonated with me.  I felt so deeply loved by Jesus and the truth that He willingly put aside His royal status to become a servant .  To obediently love and teach, depending on others to help provide for His basic needs.  He humbled Himself even to the point of death so that we could be reconciled with God the father – and His desire was for all of the nations to experience genuine relationships with God. 

This all made me feel known and cared for – but also held a mirror back to my own selfishness.  I felt challenged to begin praying for these qualities to become true about me.  I wrote vs. 5 – 8 out on a pink post-it note and slapped it on my wardrobe, committing to memorize these verses.  I was in a season where I was spending more time with people who were different from me (different spiritual views, different interests, different backgrounds, etc.).  These verses shed a lot of light about my current heart’s state – I was quick to compete with others or feel prideful.  I often felt easily offended or hurt because I was looking more toward my own interests and comfort level.  I was also serving and loving people out of an unhealthy desire to please and gain their approval.  Memorizing this passage and praying for God to bring this fruit about in my life really changed my heart and attitudes towards others.  I am still not perfect in this area, but reflecting back on this passage really challenges me and helps me to repent of areas where I am not reflecting Christ’s love and selflessness.  It also helps me to show grace towards others in my life who may not live up to this perfect standard of love and servanthood.  No one can love us, and we can love no one, as completely and humbly as Christ does – but it is a beautiful thing for us to strive towards. 

Smile in a Cup: His love motivates Him to serve. 

Questions to Journal About or Comment Below:

* What encourages you about Jesus in this passage?

*Does this passage challenge you in any specific ways about how you currently love others?  Consider praying the specific verses over your area of struggle.

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