Day 18 — His Love Surrounds Like the Mountains

Day 18 

Read: Psalm 125: 2

Listen to: Vapor by Gungor

Growing up in the North Carolina mountains, I have always been in awe of the grandeur and majesty of mountains. Stepping out onto my parents’ porch, the mountains quite literally surround their house.  It makes me feel small and sheltered.  These are the mountains I have gazed upon since I was a little girl.  The same mountains my Dad looked out to, and the same mountains his parents took in.  This has carried on from generation to generation.  While the vegetation has changed and houses have sprung up,  the mountains remain the same –still surrounding and remaining.  The way the mountains wrap around my family’s land reminds me of a Mama hen, wrapping her wings to comfort, protect, and warm her babies.  

Naturally, this verse in Psalm 125 resonates with me deeply – getting to the root of who I am and how I relate to creation around me. How sweet to think that just as the mountains surround, “the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore”.  The author of this Psalm references the mountain surrounding Jerusalem, because this is what he and the readers would have been familiar with.  I can’t help but think of my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains, though. 

Smile in a Cup: His love is strong and unfailing.  It cannot be shaken and moved, and will go and on forever. 

Connect with God:  Get outside and take a journal and pen or a sketchbook and pencil/paints.  How do you see the character of God in His creation?  What truths about Him are reiterated in the way He has fashioned the Earth?

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