Day 12 — He Lovingly Provides Our Needs

Day 12 

Read:  Luke 12: 22 – 34

Jesus took time to pour into His disciples lives — teaching them, training them, and challenging them to step out in faith of God’s work and provision.  He covered many topics in their teaching times , and didn’t shy away from speaking into matters of their hearts.  In the passage above, Jesus takes the opportunity to remind the disciples that whatever they treasure and toil towards is revealing of where their heart is firmly fixed. 

A good indication of our heart’s treasure is often found in what triggers anxiety or frustration within us.  Here Jesus references anxiety towards our earthly possessions.  He cautions the disciples not to worry about physical needs such a food and clothing.  He speaks to these men who have dropped their previous occupations in order to live a life of ministry with Jesus. Some of them had families they were possibly putting in danger of being without.  They had to be fully reliant on God’s provision of their day to day needs.  Jesus truthfully points out that being anxious and dwelling in the fear does not prove fruitful or beneficial to their lives.  I love that He doesn’t just leave it there, though — He lovingly points to examples of God’s faithfulness that the disciples would be familiar with. 

Jesus points out that God feeds the birds, although they do nothing to produce this food or harvest it themselves. Although they do not have a place to store their food throughout the year, It is readily available for them throughout the seasons. He then points to the flowers — flowers are uniquely and beautifully colored and created to be works of art.  Jesus says not even Solomon was dressed in anything as beautiful as what the flowers are dressed with from God.  And we all know the fate of flowers — eventually, they all die and wither away.  So, if God provides that much attention and detail to their short lives, how much more will He tend to our basic needs.  Jesus then challenges the disciples to life lives trusting in His provision — to receive His offerings with open hands, and to give them right back out to others who might have needs greater than our own.  To treasure Heaven and God’s kingdom more than we treasure our own little kingdoms where we heap up possessions and life lives of excess and comfort.  May our hearts be fixed firmly in God’s loving provision for our needs. 

Smile in a Cup:  God provides all of our basic needs.

Questions to Journal or Answer and Comment Below: 

*Is there a specific area you find yourself struggling with anxiety?  Could this point to where your heart is looking for peace and purpose?

*How can you practically calm your anxiety with truths of God’s provision for you?

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