Day 11 — His Love is Better than Life

Day 11

Read: Psalm 63: 1- 8

Listen to: Better than Life – Matt Papa 

David penned these words as he was hiding in the wilderness from Saul.  In a season where he lived in fear, and fully realized the value of his one life – David professed “your steadfast love is better than life.”  He realized God was worth more value than his very own life.  His hunger and thirst after God outweighed his yearning for physical food and water.  In a season, where he had to be reliant on whatever provision God had for him – he learned that nothing could compare to God’s love. 

What would that look like for us?  To be so deeply enamored by God’s love, that praise spilled from our lips. That He would be the meditation of our hearts all the day long.  That our soul really would be deeply satisfied as if we had just eaten a delicious, filling meal. I’m talking that post-Thanksgiving rest where you have to unbutton your pants and lie down after eating all your favorite sides and desserts (is anyone really in it for the turkey?)  That even if our very lives were threatened or in danger, we could rest confidently in His love and protection. 

David recounts these truths of God in Psalm 63 – He is powerful, full of glory, satisfying, our Help, joy inducing, and worthy of praise.  He upholds us with His hand and shelters us under His wings. We can cling to Him in safety. 

Smile in a Cup: He loves us deeply by supplying for our needs better than anything that this world has to offer.

Challenge: Will you join me in picking an attribute of God as well as a response from David that you would like to be praying towards this upcoming week?  For instance,  I would like to pray that I would become more aware of God’s ability to cultivate joy in my life and that I would meditate on him in the morning and night.

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