Day 9 — He Sits With Us in Our Grief and Fear

Day 9

Read: Psalm 46

There are times when the most loving act is simply sitting with someone in the midst of their grief and fear.  Psalm 46 characterizes God as a safe person who empathizes and listens.  He is described as a refuge,  our strength, and a well proved place of help.  Even when the Earth quite literally crumbles or crashes around us, He remains with us, sitting confident and strong.  He is in complete control of all of the chaos and serves as our fortress against the surrounding storm.   We can be still, put aside fear, and rest in the truth that He is God and He is with us.

Smile in a Cup:  “God is our refuge and strength, a very present [well proved] help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1

Questions to Journal or Answer and comment Below:

*Which of these verses is most encouraging to you when thinking about God sitting with you in your grief?

*How can you reflect God’s character with your friends and family who are going through times of fear and grief?

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