Day 10 — He patiently pursues Our Hearts

Day 10

Read: 2 Peter 3: 9

In studying the history of Israel, one thing has been made blatantly clear – God fights patiently for the heart of humans.  All throughout the Old Testament, God’s chosen people are provided with food and water in the desert, freed from slavery, protected from enemies, kings are established, sins are atoned for,  and yet still – the people continue to turn away from God.  Their hearts are drawn after the culture and worship of other gods that offer false promises of fulfillment.  God lovingly provides leaders, judges, kings, and prophets to remind the people of His love for them.  Even His punishment and the natural consequences of their sin display His love.  He never abandons them or gives up – instead, He plans to lovingly leave a remnant of the people and to provide a Messiah who will redeem them and make a way to be reconciled to Him forever.  

We are no different today.  He faithfully pursues us through Scripture, songs, people, creation, etc. – yet, we are so easily distracted and drawn away.  We chase after relationships, entertainment/escapism, identities in our jobs, education, and titles.  These are only a few of the idols we daily strive after. Like a parent picking up a child and leading them back to a place of safety, He lovingly extends patience and leads His children away from the danger.  He longs to see us firmly rooted and secure in the life He has intentionally designed just for us.  It is not that He is slow in fulfilling this, but that He is patient, allowing us to stretch and grow through the process – understanding full well the beauty that will come in the pruning and growing.  

Smile in a Cup: “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.” 

Question to Journal or Answer and Comment Below:

*How have you personally witnessed God’s patience and desire for you to reach repentance?

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