Day 8 — God Lovingly Tends to His Sheep

Day 8

Read:  Micah 5: 4 – 5

In these verses, it is prophesied that the Messiah would shepherd his people in safety and peace.  Contextually, the people were thinking of their enemies the Assyrians, so the hope of this protector most likely provided them with great comfort. Jesus fulfilled these prophecies and cared for the people well beyond their expectations. 

Even today, God loves us through tending to His people as a shepherd cares for his sheep.  In the same way a shepherd’s voice commands the sheep and soothes them during moments of fear or danger,  God’s voice leads, corrects, and calms us. Shepherds intentionally lead their flock throughout the day and year to provide for their basic needs.  God lovingly and strategically leads us to places and scenarios in order to provide what is best for us. He knows when it is time to leave a place if the resources are wearing thin or danger lurks.  He also knows if there is something better up ahead. Shepherds are also marked by watching over their flocks and willingly risking their lives for the safety of the sheep. Similarly, God watches us carefully, keeping track of potential threats and even willingly laid down His life to protect us from the enemy.  He is our peace, and we can dwell safely in His strength, majesty, and greatness.

Smile in a Cup: God lovingly tends to His people as a shepherd caring for His sheep.

Questions to Journal or Answer and Comment Below:

*What quality of a shepherd most encourages you about the way God loves you?

*Are there any of these truths that are hard to grasp?  Let’s pray for God to reveal His goodness in that area.

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