Day 7 — His Love for us Never Ends

Day 7 

Read: Lamentations 3:21 – 24

I find that it is often times of darkness that enhance the glory of God’s goodness far brighter than the already cheery moments. These verses from Lamentations have been scribbled on post-its and slapped on my mirror or written and rehearsed as I recorded them in my journal. They have truly carried me through difficult seasons when I didn’t feel as if I had the ability to stand. 

But, this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope. (Lam. 3:21)

We have an unshakeable hope in the steadfast (unwavering; loyal) love of the Lord.  When people we love pass away, when our bodies just do not quite work how they are “supposed to”, when we fight depression or feel desperately alone, we can find hope and rest in God’s faithfulness.  His love for us is never ending.  Every single morning it is renewed and lavished on us.  Marks of His faithfulness can be seen throughout the lives of others we love, or stretched across the entire Word of God.  If we take the time to look hard enough, we can even see His faithfulness woven throughout our own story. 

So today I hope you are reminded of a love that is a firm foundation for you to rest upon.  That all the other unmet longings and moments of hurt would dim in comparison to the light we have in God.  May You call this love to mind and may you have hope. 

Smile in a Cup:  His love is steady and sure – always present, faithful, and true. 

Questions to Journal or Answer and Comment Below:

*How have you witnessed God’s faithfulness in your life?

*Are there any scenarios with which you are struggling to hope in God with?

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