Day 6 — He Clothes Us in His OWn Robes

Day 6

Read: Isaiah 61:10

This verse is thick with imagery of the Gospel.  God sees us in our raw, bare shame, and lovingly drapes His own robe around us.  Without HIs robe, we are broken, wicked, as good as dead – but with the gift of His robe, we are pure, made righteous, and have abundant life. He lovingly covers us, but not with an old ratty garment.  He pulls out His best – a garment that is adorned and fit for a bride or a groom to wear.  With His robe, we can now boldly enter into His wedding feast prepared to celebrate the reconciliation of His church to Himself.  When we should be mourning, He invites us in to praise and celebrate.  

In light of these truths, we can rejoice in who He is, and we can find rest in our souls.  We know we can never do anything to earn these garments of salvation, it is a gift freely offered and extended to us – out of His deep love and compassion. 

Smile in a Cup: God lovingly stoops down, drapes His robes of salvation around us, and takes away our shame. 

Questions to journal about or answer and comment below:

*What emotions does this verse evoke for you?

*Once we are wearing this robe of righteousness, what should our lives be marked with?

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