God came into the ordinary offering of gifts

Read: Matthew 2:1 – 12
Luke 2:16 – 20

We often think of the story of the wise men when we think of gift giving.  These expectant travelers offered tangible gifts to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.  They offered up their treasures as a response to being exceedingly joyful at the news of the Messiah’s birth. 

The Shepherds gave the gift of good news and presence to Mary and Joseph.  At a time when the couple surely felt isolated, the Shepherds drew near. They were able to encourage Mary and affirm this fulfilled promise.  Their simple gift was one Mary surely tucked into her heart to cling to during the hard days of parenting and one day losing this baby she loved.

The greatest gift of all, though, was when God wrapped Himself in flesh and came to dwell among us.  To humbly enter into a place that is opposite of His very nature.  To know, love and serve each person He encountered.To offer up His very own life so that we may be brought near to Him forever. 

Prayer: May we rejoice and savor the Giver more than the gift this Christmas.  While the gifts may bring temporary joy or a sense of being deeply known and loved — it is the Giver who we simply could not do without. 

Listen to: We Have a Savior – Hillsong Worship

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