God comes into our ordinary occupations

Read: Luke 2: 8 – 20

The occupation of a Shepherd is one in which close proximity is necessary.  The shepherds must spend time away from their own families in order to lovingly tend to the sheep in their care.  They seek out pastures for grazing and water sources in seemingly barren places.  Their eyes are watchful, ready to stop the sheep or pull them from a place of danger.  Shepherds even place themselves in harm’s way in order to protect their sheep.  They curl up next to their sheep at night, sometimes in the doorways of caves, to fight off their enemies.  The shepherds are trained for all “worst case scenarios” and how to best handle them.

And yet, no one seemed to prepare these shepherds for the sudden appearance of an angel of the Lord or a multitude of angels worshipping God.  Imagine sleeping under a blanket of black & stars.  All objects shrouded by the night.  Only the sounds of nature, which were all too familiar to the shepherds.

Then — light causing darkness to flee.  A heavenly chorus proclaiming the very news your ancestors have longed for with eager expectation. 

This is good news for all people. News that will bring an unknown joy, and there will be a sign so that they cannot miss it. 

The shepherds leave their expectations and run to see the Messiah.  They do not worry about all that could go wrong if they aren’t there for their jobs.  They just know they have to see Jesus and trust the sheep will be safe. 

God comes into our ordinary occupations.  Reminding us to follow Him instead of being known and recognized.  He comes into the daily routines, where our instinct kicks in.  He comes to the servant hearted, proving we can entrust others into His care.

In the end, it’s about running to see Jesus more than it’s ever been about doing our job.

Listen to: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus – Meredith Andrews

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