God came down into the Ordinary Joys of Christmas

Time slows, and many take leave from work and obligations.  Twinkling lights adorn homes and businesses.  Christmas trees are on display with brilliant colors and sentimental ornaments.  Christmas baking is underway, and feel-good Christmas movies fill our homes.  The music floats out of our cars and homes, bringing cheer and comfort. We are wrapped in the nostalgia of our family’s traditions and time spent with those we love.

When we push back all distractions, we see hope.  A glimmer of joy in an otherwise dark world. The clinging to all that is good. 

Yet, how quickly the decorations go back into boxes and closets or dark spaces.  How quickly the movies stop.  How quickly we leave our families and go back to our own homes.  How quickly it all fades into the background.  Our hope seemingly taken away. 

There is a greater joy to be held, though. The recognition of what has been gifted to us. 

 The ordinary joy of God with us. Now and forevermore.  In the ordinary, mundane places of life — He remains our constant joy. 

This Christmas, I invite you to join me in seeking out the joy of God in our ordinary Christmas.  Over the next five days, I will post a short devotional with scripture to read, some thoughts, and a song to lead you into a time of worship and prayer. 

May we find He is our greatest joy this Christmas. 

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