One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes – Season 3: Ep. 4

Aired: October 15th, 2002

Written by: Daniel Palladino

Directed by: Steven Robman

Guest Starring:
Emily Kuroda – Mrs. Kim
Milo Ventimiglia – Jess Mariano
Adam Brody – Dave Rygalski
Heidi Swedberg – Debbie Fincher
Jessica Kiper – Shane
Tod Lowe – Zack
John Cabrera – Brian

Places in this Episode:
Luke’s Diner
Sophie’s Music
Gilmore House
Kim’s Antiques
Stars Hollow High
Independence Inn
Stars Hollow Square
Stars Hollow Beauty Supply

Summary: Lane is adjusting to sneaking around Stars Hollow to practice with her new band.  She is torn between her passion for playing drums and  the desire to please her Mother.  As an act of rebellion, she decides to dye her hair purple,but immediately dyes it back black. Also in this episode, Luke and Lorelai are invited to speak about their jobs at Stars Hollow High. Lorelai prepares beforehand, but the lecture turns for the worst when the students ask her about being a teen mom. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Sometimes the mistakes or the hard parts of our life can make way for long lasting redemption.  May we look to glean goodness from even the messiest parts of our life. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: Maybe I missed this, but I do not remember seeing any coffee drank by the girls in this episode. I noticed soda when they were at Luke’s, but no coffee. 

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture – Daffy Duck, Bohemian Rhapsody, Pete Best, Coal Train, Louis Armstrong, “Hello, Dolly!”, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Osborne, Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville, Jim Carrey, Ace Ventura, Vin Diesel, Song of the South, The Wizard of Oz, Snoopy, High Noon, Ward Cleaver, Bono

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  • Luke agreed to go speak at the High School only because Lorelai begged him. They banter back and forth over the phone as he tries to back out, but she will not let him again. He just cannot tell her no. 
  • Lorelai teases Luke for his athletic pictures at the High School, but then he gets a chance to tease her about how her presentation ended.

Observations & Questions:

  • Lorelai’s premonitions about her death: Slips on a banana peel and falls into a vat of whip cream, turtle eats her, while out out hunting her shotgun backfires causing her head to spin around to the back of her head like Daffy Duck, and wild animals burrowing into her stomach. 
  • Lorelai and Rory know Lane  well and act completely natural when she does things like run band interviews out of their house or eat their burgers at Luke’s. 
  • “Dude, Brian’s breathing is louder than the song.” – Zack
    “I have a deviated septum. All the women in my family and me have it.” – Brian
    “Hold your breath when we’re playing, Brian. There, problem solved. Okay, come on now, let’s rock!” – Lane
    The boys are less accommodating to Lane’s crazy needs than the Gilmore Girls.
  • I love Rory’s curly ponytail! She should wear her hair like that more often. 
  • Mrs. Kim asks Lane to sit down and fill out the College Applications she and their pastor have selected. She says she has already weeded out the ones where boys and girls sit together… you know the “party schools.”
  • Please look at that adorable Goose  ( Cookie Jar?) behind Lane at 12:53.  It is so adorable. 
  • Anyone else rebelliously decided to dye their hair in a fit of rage?
  • Rory tries to talk Lane out of dying her hair, but reluctantly gives in to help her pick the color that would be most flattering. 
  • “This flannel shirt is my most successful outfit. I’ve closed many a deal in this outfit. It’s  my power outfit.” – Luke  
  • Jess, honey. I can’t believe you shoved Shane in the closet. Not a good look for you. 
  • “Let the thick smell of bleach meet her at the doorway, like a force that will usher her into the next chapter of Lane Kim’s life! The smell of bleach is the smell of freedom”- Lane
    Lane is taking her Independence Day very seriously.
  • “Blah, Blah, Blah do not apply to broken scalp. Is your scalp broken?!” – Rory
    This is one of my favorite lines haha!
  • HA! I love that Lorelai is not surprised or overly concerned about Lane darting around the square with bleach on her hair. 
  • Rory is so uncomfortable when Lane talks about how much Rory and Dean love each other. She is really beginning to realize she does not love Dean. 
  • We see a new side of  Rory in this episode. She is very passive aggressive to Shane. “ .. and by the way, ‘bloatee’ is not a word. There’s bloated, bloating, but there’s no bloatee.”   Yes, girl. I must admit shortened words or misused words are a pet peeve of mine. 
  • Oh my gosh! These Moms are the original Karens.  All the same sweaters, hair cuts, and purses. 
  • “What kind of mother are you?” – Karen #2
    “The kind that doesn’t gloss over things just because they’re a little uncomfortable.” – Lorelai
    “ No, Deb. I’d say, Deb, that what’s awkward and unnecessary, Deb is that you all seem to go to the same, lousy hairdresser. How about mixing it up a little, huh, girls?” – Lorelai
    HAHA. We see where Rory got her angry streak from. 

“You gotta think about things a little better. You know? The way you act. If you care about a girl, the way you do with this Shane…” – Luke
“I don’t care about her.”- Jess
“What?” – Luke
“ I don’t even know her last name. She mentioned it once, it didn’t stick.” – Jess
“Jess, this isn’t right! You can’t treat a girl like dirt!” – Luke
I love that Luke tries to step in to be a fatherly example for Jess and to teach him how to care for women.  Although they are arguing, I think this is a conversation that deepens their relationship.  Luke sees that he still cares for Rory, and Jess admits that he knows Luke loves Lorelai.

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