Haunted Leg – Season 3: Ep 2

Aired: October 1st, 2002

Written by: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Directed by: Chris Long

Guest Starring:
Jared Padalecki – Dean
Milo Ventimiglia – Jess Mariano
Sean Gunn – Kirk
Emily Bergl –  Francine
Dakin Matthews – Hanlin Charleston
Shelly cole – Madeline Lynn
Teal Redmann – Louise Grant
David Sutcliffe – Christopher Hayden
Jessica Kiper – Shane

Places in this Episode:
Emily and Richard’s House
Independence Inn
Gilmore House
Luke’s Diner

Summary: Rory and Lorelai continue to ignore Christopher, but Emily tries to take matters into her own hands.  She speaks with Christopher and tries to coerce Lorelai into doing the same. When Lorelai does not agree, Chris storms into Friday Night Dinner demanding to speak to the girls. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Sometimes it is important to know when to walk away from situations or relationships that are not healthy for you.  Boundaries can be good and growth producing. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 3

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture  – Annie Oakley, Mickey Mouse, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Vince Foster, Sister Sledge, Shakespeare, Degas, Clemenza, Meyer Lansky, Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, Jr., Martin Sheen, French Skating Judge, Love is in the Air, Paul Newman, Helmut Newton, Elizabeth Arden, Freaky Friday,  “Come back, Shane”, Andy Hardy

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  • Luke teasing Lorelai about Kirk asking her out. Yay! Their banter is back! 

Noteworthy quotes:

“…the Gilmore survival guide. Number one – no running with scissors. Number two – no pageboy haircuts. Number three – never ever have lunch alone with a mother.” – Lorelai

Observations & Questions:

  • Rory is working so hard to ease the tension between Lorelai and Emily. 
  • “Do you wanna know what helps get rid of a cold? … A healthy immune system. You know how you get a healthy immune system? Is it eating nothing but crap all day and blowing out your brain cells with coffee?” – Luke
    “No” – Rory
    “Why are you helping him?” – Lorelai
    “No is the right answer.” – Rory
    “Eat a vegetable every now and then. Some high fiber cereal.” – Luke
    “Listen, Grandpa. My soup’s getting cold.” – Lorelai
  • “I was just wondering… We’ve known each other for a good amount of time. Our paths have crossed one another professionally and socially a number of times — all with relatively pleasant results. I was just wondering if you would like to have dinner with me? In two weeks. I heard you had a cold. I think two weeks is enough to ensure the virus is out of your system… by the way, I think you might be the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.” – Kirk
    HAHAH. Sweet Kirk. 
  • Rory’s first day of senior year!
  •  Rice krispies and marshmallows out of a mixing bowl. Classic.
  • Rory tries to rein in Paris in her new power control, but no one can pump those breaks.
  • Emily could not help but meddle in Lorelai’s business. She really was trying to help, but overstepped. 
  • Haha Kirk is confused about the answering machine. 
  • Aww peep that adorable Rory and Richard picture on the desk!
  • Emily has a new maid named Sarah, and she does not know how to answer the door or how to schedule dinner on time.  Emily is being surprisingly calm and patient about it all.
    “Your father made  a crack the other day about my not being able to keep a maid. Of course, it’s a gross exaggeration.” But is it, though?
  • Oooo Christopher has no right to just barge in and start yelling at Lorelai. You did this to yourself, sir. He also accuses her of keeping Rory from him.
  • YES, RORY! Tell him. Let him know he let you down! “You promised me! I always understand, and I don’t wanna understand.” -Rory
  • “ I can’t talk to you because it hurts. It really hurts. Standing her right now is killing me, okay?!” – Lorelai  Those lines always break my heart.
  • Enter Emily. YES. “ I think you better go now. Leave now, please.”
    Three Gilmore girls giving it to that man in their own ways.
  • “I just need to know. Are you allergic to tuna?” – Kirk
    HAHA This poor bizarre man. 
  • Yes, Rory. Stand your ground to Jess. We do get to hear Jess’ perspective and reasoning for why he tried to move on to Shane.

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