Help Wanted – Season 2: Ep. 20

Aired: May 7th, 2002

Written by: Allan Heinberg

Directed by: Chris Long

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard Gilmore

Guest Starring:
Jared Padalecki – Dean Forester
Michael Winters – Taylor Doose
Sally Struthers – Babette Dell
Sean Gunn – Kirk 
Emily Kuroda – Mrs. Kim

Places in this Episode:
Stars Hollow Square
Luke’s Diner
The Hungry Diner
Richard and Emily’s
Dean’s house
Gilmore House
Richard’s Office
Doose’s Market
Sophie’s Music
Luke’s Diner

Summary: As Stars Hollow adjusts to the absence of Jess, Rory defends his name — claiming she was also at fault for the accident. Richard continues moving toward starting his own business, and accepts the help of Lorelai in finding a secretary. Finally, Lane finds her passion as a music store opens up in town and she tries out the drums. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Never give up on sharing the truth. You will eventually find someone who desires to hear it. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 3

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture – The Little Locksmith, Barbie, Rickles, Wu Tang Clan, Nanook, Dawn Powell, Dorothy Parker, Sal Mineo, Chachi, Michael Hargitay, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Rick Allen, M*A*S*H, Aero International

Noteworthy quotes:

“If we were gazelles, we’d be the first ones eaten at the water hole.” – Rory 

“Think big, Gilmore.” – Lorelai

“Pain is your body’s way of saying, ‘I’m not okay now, but I will be soon.’ “ – Taylor Doose

Observations & Questions:

  • Kirk is really upset about Luke’s being closed — with his blood sugar issues and his abandoned wallet woes. 
  • “Excuse me what are the tiny cups for?” HA! Honestly, I have the same thought as Lorelai when I go to drink coffee out of itty bitty cups. I need coffee in a bowl!
  • Michel looks so out of place sitting in The Hungry Diner reading GQ. 
  • Emily looked very amused about Lorelai’s “Largie Margie” name for Richard’s previous secretary. 
  • Oh my gosh. I can relate to Rory writing Dean a letter to tell him about the accident with Jess. Sometimes it is way easier to write out how you’re feeling than to fumble over your words in person. 
  • Dean responded in a much more calm and cool manner than one would anticipate.
  • I love that Lorelai is teaching Richard the ins and outs of setting up his own office without a secretary.  
  • “My goodness look at all the Post-Its. I had no idea they came in so many shapes and colors! I’m gonna get a 12 pack for myself in various hues.” – Richard
    Anyone else relate to the awe of the post it note aisle?
  • “Oh no! Just look at that arm… Well, I hope you’re not getting addicted to those pain killers like those Hollywood people do.” Taylor is your typical older, small town man. Of course he jumps to conclusions based on what he’s seen in the media. 
  • Lane’s dreams are coming to fruition as she steps food into Sophie’s Music Store.
  • Sophie, the new owner of the music store is Carole King, the singer of the Gilmore Girls theme song. 
  • Lorelai did a fantastic job setting up Richard’s office. It is sweet to see the two bonding and working together. 
  • Babette says she was in a cult once. HAHAH “Next thing you know, I’m wearing a muumuu playing the tambourine, jumping up and down at the airport.”
  • This is such a perfect scene to describe Lane — on the phone with Rory  “I am rock ‘n’ roll, baby!”, hiding her drumsticks in the plant, and then walking inside to sing hymns in Korean. 
  • Richard is easily hurt by Lorelai. He has so deeply enjoyed this quality time with her, and is not ready to see this new joy in their relationship to go away. “Well, I won’t keep you any longer. I know how busy you are.” 
  • Yay! Richard and Lorelai had a little reconciliation moment.
  • Rory and Lorelai and then Lorelai and Emily arguments are beginning to coincide more often. 
  • Aww Luke, you old softy! He invites Rory in for a cup of coffee… and an old donut? (How long are donuts edible? How long has Luke been gone?)
    “Luke, it wasn’t his fault.”  – Rory
    “I know it wasn’t.” – Luke

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