Teach Me Tonight – Season 2: Ep. 19

Aired: April 30th, 2002

Written by: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Directed by: Steven Robman

Guest Starring:
Milo Ventimiglia – Jess Mariano
Liz Torres – Miss Patty
Michael Winters – Taylor Doose
Sally Struthers – Babette Dell
Sean Gunn – Kirk
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs – Principal Merton

Places in this Episode:
Doose’s Market
Gilmore House
Stars Hollow High
Luke’s Diner

Summary: Jess is struggling at school and Luke is called in to talk with the principal. He then reaches out to Rory to ask her if she will tutor Jess.  The two grow quite cozy and decide to go get ice cream, but end up in a car accident. Lorelai blames Luke for putting Rory in this situation. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — When we are in conflict with someone, we can choose to yell and tear them down, run away, or seek them out for reconciliation. The most fruit producing choice is reconciliation.

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 5

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture – Cocktail, Eve Harrington, Lon Chaney Jr., The Yearling, The Wizard of Oz, the Sting, Rocky, Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Singing Detective, Arthur, Sophie’s Choice, Cabin Boy, Desperately Seeking Susan, Angie Dickenson, Einstein, Fletch, Urban Cowboy, Woodstock, Arctic Killer, Killer Shark, Where Are Your Children?, Sudden Danger, Suspense, and Snow Dogs, Racing Form, Steely Dan, Pauline Kael, DSL, J.Lo, Akira Kurosawa, Seven Samurai, The Facts of Life, and Asaad Kelada, Babe, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, SchoolHouse Rock, Please Kill Me, Shakespeare, Clash, “Guns of Brixton”, Coldplay, Othello, Kurt Cobain,  Paula Zahn, Christiane Amanpour, The Princess Bride, Terms of Endearment, Shirley MacLaine, George Clooney, Stan Freberg, Sinead O’Connor

Stars Hollow Event – Movie on the Square

Noteworthy Quotes : “Sarcasm does not become you.” – Lory
“Maybe not, but it does sustain me.” – Lane

Observations & Questions:

  • Lorelai and Christopher still have tension from their argument. They are avoiding talking with one another. 
  • “Disappearing Baseballs” — What is Jess planning on doing with the baseballs? 
  • Luke tries to be subtle with Jess initially, but Jess does not give him a lot to work with. Luke loves Jess so deeply and just wants what is best for him! 
  • S’mores over the gas stove. Anyone else ever used this method?
  • “I see you’re studyin. Studying’s good. What you’re doin right there with those books, that’s good.”- Luke
  • I think it’s so sweet the way Luke seeks out Rory to help Jess. He respects Rory and knows that Jess respects Rory. 
  • “I have great creative ambitions. Don’t get me wrong, I love the blue collar work. I enjoy the plight of the every man. But as much as the mail letter delivered and the DSL line installed and the latest J. Lo flick rented fills me with a deep sense of pride, in my soul I am Akira Kuosawa…. No, I’m sorry, I have the wrong person. Who’s the guy who directed all those Facts of Life’s. Asaad Kelada, sorry. In my soul I know I am Asaad Kelada.”  – Kirk HAHA For this to be Kirk’s dream, he doesn’t even seem to have his role models memorized.
  • Lorelai is not about to let Rory get away with asking her to lie to Dean about studying with Jess.  If Rory cannot pick up that Lorelai is really not a fan of Jess, she must be completely oblivious. 
  • Jess is so excited to spend time with Rory. 
  • How does Jess know all of these magic tricks?
  • Jess adores Rory. I can’t handle the way he watches her or teases her. Swoon. 
  • I love the way Rory challenges and pushes Jess to pursue his greatest ability.  “ Do not give me that whole ‘I’m so misunderstood, Kurt Cobainy’ thing. You are way stronger than that and I don’t even wanna hear it. You have to go to college.”
  • “Of course, I could turn right and then we could keep driving around in circles for a while.” – Jess
    “Turn right.” – Rory
    “As you wish.”- Jess 
  • Lorelai is storming Luke’s in a rampage.  I always feel so bad for Luke when she is going off about Jess. 
  • “He’s my nephew! I had an obligation to take him in. I had an obligation to care for him.”
  • Awww Luke. He said he cares more about Rory than himself. That’s too precious. 
  • I have such mixed feelings about Lorelai calling Christopher. On one hand, I am here for it, and I love that their bond is sparked by Rory. On the other hand, I hate that she runs to him, because he inevitably always lets them down. 
  • I adore that Luke knew where to find Jess and that he has a quiet way of loving and comforting him. He knows how Jess loves Rory. 
  • This Stars Hollow Event is one I would totally love to attend. It’’s so charming and small-town quirky. 
  • Kirk’s video HAHAHA. Is it supposed to be scary? Then that dance. This is such a great insight into Kirk’s mind.

“All I know is Jess is gone.” – Babette
Poor Rory is on the verge of tears. 

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