It Should Have Been Lorelai – Season 2: Ep. 14

Aired: February 12th, 2002

Written by:  Daniel Palladino

Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard Gilmore

Guest Starring:

Madchen Amick – Sherry Tinsdale
Emly Kuroda – Mrs. Kim
Sean Gunn – Kirk
Adam Whlie –  Brad Langford
Beth Kennedy – Mrs. O’Malley
David Sutcliffe – Christopher Hayden
Elisa Bocanegra – Nancy

Places in this Episode:

Stars Hollow Square
Luke’s Diner
Gilmore House
Richard And Emily’s House

Summary: When Rory participates in a debate, Christopher and Sherry travel to watch her.  Lorelai invites them back to their house, where Sherry insists on spending time with Rory.  This turns into Lorelai and Christpoher attending Friday Night Dinner, while Rory and Sherry are out shopping.  Emily is furious and blames Lorelai for the fact that she and Christopher are not together. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — No matter the response of others, you should always feel pride in analyzing your past and dredging up the truth.

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 2

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture – The Mourning Bride, The Godfather, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Cooperstown, Two Fat Ladies, Kevorkian, Willie Nelson, Belle and Sebastian, New York Yankees, Bewitched, Alain Durcasse, Divine Providence, Martha Stewart, Proust, Martin Sheen, White Castle, Sephora, Bruce Springsteen,  PeeWee Herman, Chairy, Captain Carl, Matthew Broderick, Barrymores

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  • Luke offers to play bagel hockey with Lorelai because he can tell she is feeling down. 
  • Luke looks equally furious and concerned for Lorelai after Chris’ blow up. 

Observations & Questions:

  • Lane hilariously stalks Rory around town through her window. 
  • Paris’ craze level is heightened. When her anxiety is increased, she seeks to control everything.
  • Oh wow.  Has Sookie really not met Christopher before?
  • Poor Brad. Paris is ruthless. All of his growth plummets as soon as he sees Paris. 
  • Hahaha Lorelai and Sookie’s hootin’ and hollerin’!  Who else has a family that loves to carry on at public events?  
  • Sherry is Rory’s biggest fan. She is so excited about everything Christopher told her. I would feel incredibly awkward and pressured to meet her expectations. 
  • “Company is stressful.” I have absolutely never seen their house this crazy before. I can definitely relate to running around and speed cleaning the house before someone arrives, though. 
  • “I just want you to know, you should not feel like you need to get to know me. At all… I mean, just because Christopher and I are close doesn’t mean you and I need to be close. Or friends. Or anything for that matter.” – Sherry
    Uhhh.. She is so rude. Lorelai handles this with posie and grace. 
  • I really appreciate that Lorelai calls Rory to make sure that she wants to go with Sherry. These are the kind of people I need in my life. 
  • Why is Christopher not protective of Lorelai? Sherry was rude to her, even though they obviously have a close relationship still. 
  • Emily is not backing down in prodding Christopher about Sherry… or  “this woman” as she keeps referring to her. 
  • “It should have been you. Don’t play dumb, Lorelai, and deep down I know you’re heartbroken… I always had the picture in my mind of the three of you after all these years…” -Emily
    Emily blames Lorelai for pushing Christopher away. Forcing Lorelai to face her hurt. This is another example of a dream that Emily had for Lorelai that didn’t seem to pan out. 
  • I love this elaborate scheme Lane has planned in order to drop off the new CD. How on earth did Rory talk Michel into his role?! “I’ve been running around this stupid square for over an hour.” “Get away from me, evil girl!” 

“You and I have been so linked in my mind, I think that I have unconsciously sabotaged every decent relationship I’ve had because I was waiting for you. And I shouldn’t have been. And now that I see that and now that I see you moving on with Sherry, I think I can move beyond it.” – Lorelai
Poor Lorelai. Christopher really tears into her after she opens up about her feelings.  This is a very vulnerable moment for her.  He has his own wounds from the failure of their relationship, though. It must be infuriating for him knowing that she has deep down expected them to be together — but she repeatedly turned him down.

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