Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy

Aired: October 30th, 2001

Written by: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Directed by: Micahel Katelman

Guest Starring:

Milo Ventimiglia – Jess Mariano (YES. intro to Jess)
Liz Torres – Miss Patty
Michael Winters – Taylor Doose
Sally Struthers – Babette Dell
Jackson Douglas – Jackson Belleville
Shelly Cole – Madeline
Liza Weil – Paris Geller
Teal Redmann – Louise
Scott Cohen – Max Medina

Places in this Episode:

Luke’s Diner
Luke’s apartment
Gilmore House
Stars Hollow street

Summary: Luke’s nephew, Jess, moves to Stars Hollow after getting into some trouble.  Lorelai is skeptical of Luke’s ability to care for Jess, but tries to welcome him to town regardless.  Jess, bitter about the world, is rude to everyone, except Rory, which leads to Luke and Lorelai fighting. The two make up when Luke realizes that maybe Lorelai was right.  He then becomes strict and upfront with Jess.  The episode ends with Jess returning Rory’s stolen book, surprising her with a new side of the new bad boy in town. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — We never truly know what someone has experienced to cause them to become callous.  We must use the model of Christ, who loved us while we were still in our darkest state.  May we press forward and love others through their hard and painful seasons. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 5

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture  –The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, The Sonics, MC5, Kick out the Jams, Liege & Lief, The Bee Gees, Huckleberry Finn. Shawshank Redemption, Riff, Fredo, Chilton, Fellini, Regis, Tool, Metallica, John and Jackie Kennedy, Henry VIII, Doctor Laura, Breakfast Club, Barbara Walters, Oliver Twist

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  • Lorelai forces Luke to let her help carry groceries, and talks him into opening up about what is stressing him out. She also offers him practical advice and questions to ask Jess when he arrives. 
  • Lorelai invites Jess and Luke over for dinner so that Jess can meet Rory and feel welcomed to Stars Hollow. 
  • Lorelai takes up for Luke to Jess. “Luke is a great guy. He’s really special and he wants to take care of you and make things right for you. You’re incredibly lucky to have him…”
  • Luke tells Lorelai he will see her tomorrow for Danish Day. Because she missed Danish Day, he is making a Danish just for her. 

Observations & Questions:

  • I can so relate to Rory panicking about getting to school early enough to map out her class routes.  In High School and College, I freakishly checked my schedule and the locations too many times to count, visited early to preplan if possible, and arrived unnecessarily early to the class. 
  • Hahah! “Get em away from me, Taylor.” I love this scene. It is such a good insight into Lorelai, Taylor, and Luke’s characters.  Lorelai banters with the children, Luke, and Taylor, all while pushing the boundaries and grabbing her own donuts.  Taylor is well-meaning but so anal about his own way.  Luke is impatient with unnecessary interruptions and cynical, but has a soft spot that will help the people he loves at the drop of a hat. 
  • “In life, there will be people we may not like, but we have to coexist.” Rory is wise beyond her age.  She is willing to put aside her and Paris’ tension in order to allow the Franklin newspaper to succeed. 
  • A fun, upbeat lalala plays when Jess enters Stars Hollow.  Yay!
  • Sweet Luke, he is so proud and excited to show Jess everything. Poor fella. He also took the time to go buy food he thought Jess might like. 
  • Jess, I love him dearly, but he is so embittered and harsh.  HAHAHA I never noticed the song that plays as Jess observes Stars Hollow for the first time. 
  • What a coincidence, Jess is carrying a book to find a place to read and Rory is reading on the bench at Chilton.  
  • Luke is so graceful to Jess. “He probably just went out and realized there are twelve stores in town devoted entirely to peddling porcelain unicorns.I’ve lived in this town my entire whole life, and I still can’t believe it… it will be fine in a few days.”
  • Haha I love that Luke’s response upon seeing Jess smoking in his apartment is to pause and then avoid the situation all together. “So you get unpacked?”
  • “Her daughter, Rory, you didn’t meet, but you’ll like because she’s a lot like Lorelai, but uh she’s gotta tighter grasp on reality.” – Luke, what a great description of Rory.
  • Yes, Rory! Way to take a bad situation and make your strengths shine through. 
  • Paris is so evil to assign Rory to Mr. Medina’s interview. 
  • If anyone ever wants to know what mine and Jake’s marriage looks like before I host a meal — it is the scene with Jackson and Sookie. 

“Maybe I should make grilled cheese.” – Sookie

“You’re making a pot roast!” – Jackson

“But not everyone likes pot roast!” – Sookie

“Well then, they can have the chicken wings, the mashed potatoes, the four different kinds of salad you’re making in addition to the pot roast.” – Jackson

“Yea, I guess you’re right. “ – Sookie

“So, I guess I should start slicing the cheese.” – Jackson 

“Would you?! Oh, that’d be great!” – Sookie

  • Jess picked up that picture of Rory real quick. 🙂
  • Rory’s books have officially replaced her knick knacks on her shelf.  My theory is that after visiting Harvard, she becomes more serious and ages up her room to reflect Harvard vs. younger Rory. 
  • Jess.  Jess.  Jess.   Why did you have to talk to Lorelai like that? 
  • Is this Lorelai and Luke’s first real argument?
  • I’m glad Luke pushed Jess in the lake.  No matter what he has experienced, he should not be so hateful to Luke. “He was being impossible. This is bad.” 
  • I seriously love all of Luke’s lines. He is hilariously cynical. Every line is chalked full. 
  • The Gnome! Haha!
  • The first significant interaction between Jess and Rory.

“I just wanted to put some notes in the margins for you.”  – Jess

“What? You’ve read this before.” – Rory

“About forty times.” – Jess

“I thought you said you didn’t read much.” – Rory

“Well, what is much?  Goodnight Rory” – Jess

“Goodnight, Dodger. – Rory

“Dodger?” – Jess

“Figure it out.” – Rory

“Oliver Twist.” – Jesse


Okay, hear me out.  I agree that Jess is over the top rude in this episode; however, he has been through who knows what with his mom, and his dad is absent.  He is untrusting and protective of himself. With Rory, you really see these interesting tender sides.  The corny magic and the book. THE BOOK. Rory tries to force Dean to read the books she enjoys, but Jess not only reads her book without her asking him to, but he has already read it forty times on his own.  He also adds notes in the margins.  Rory is intrigued to meet someone who not only reads like she does, but someone who has a different perspective. Someone who actually understands her. Dean is not able to do that.

Gilmore Girls Recap

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