The Third Lorelai – Season 1: Ep. 18

Aired: March 22, 2001

Written by: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Directed by: Michael Katelman 

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard

Guest Starring:
Liza Weil – Paris Geller
Chad Michael Murray – Tristin Dugray
Shelly Cole – Madeline Lynn
Teal Redmann – Louise Grant
Marion Ross – Lorelai Gilmore ‘Trix’

Places in this Episode:
Emily and Richard’s House
Independence Inn
Gilmore House
Restaurant with Tea
Stars Hollow Square

Summary: Richard’s mother, Lorelai, (also known as ‘Trix’)  visits the Gilmore family.  She shares with Lorelai that she would like to allow Rory early access to her trust fund. Trix hopes Rory will use the money to pay for Chilton rather than taking the loan from Emily and Richard.  Emily, who is already anxious about Trix’s presence, is apprehensive of this idea because she fears Lorelai and Rory will no longer need her. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Our love does not have to be earned through what we have to offer or what works we do for others. Allow others the freedom to simply enjoy your presence and relationship, rather than feeling the need to please. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 2

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture — Kennedys, Camelot, Madonna, David Mamet, Queen Elizabeth, Henry VIII, Barbie, Marx Brothers, Hannibal Lector, Casablanca, Dawson’s Creek, Grease, I Love Lucy, Shakespeare, Cabaret, Elephant Man, Cranberries, Gaslight

Noteworthy quotes:

“Hard work is good for a woman. It makes her stronger.” – Trix Gilmore

Hard Work is good for a woman


Observations & Questions:

  • Emily references that the Kennedy family had debates and quizzes around the dinner table.  Later in Season 3 Episode 3, Lorelai and Rory join a Harvard alumni for lunch. Their family does this exact activity — quizzing and debating around the table. 
  • Richard’s Mother — AKA ‘Trix’ — is planning on visiting, even though she was discussed as if she was dead in a previous episode.
  • We are exposed to another way that Lorelai and Emily are similar — Emily is frantically rushing around trying to pull out all the decor that Trix has ever gifted her with.  Lorelai also hides away or trades gifts Emily gives her.
  • Michele is smiling in the background at Lorelai’s banter with her mom. Was this scripted or was he breaking?
  • Rory continues to move toward friendship with Paris as she encourages Tristin into taking her out. 
  • Haha! The coat rack! Those are cherub angels not lizards! 
  • Trix is so extra. No wonder poor Emily goes into frantics every time she visits. 
  • “Grandma, this dinner is delicious.” – Rory

           “Very good, young lady, we all believed you.” – Trix

Everyone’s faces after this line is perfect. Emily is infuriated. Lorelai looks around to see if Trix will really get away with this comment, and Rory looks completely taken aback that her compliment was used to dig at her grandma. 

    • Are you like Paris or Rory in a group project? I like to supply the snacks rather than leading the group.
    • All of Paris’ clothes are hues of brown, black, and white. 
    • I cannot believe Emily does not use coasters! 
    • Emily is anxious about Lorelai excepting Trix’s offer for providing Rory with her trust fund.  Emily believes that they will no longer need her, and will therefore, no longer come to Friday night dinners. Her cautions to Lorelai are really her own fears of Lorelai.
      “It’s terrible not to be needed. You’ll see!” – Emily
    • Oh, Rory. She tried to help, but it completely backfired. 


  • “Raising your voice during high tea. Who ever heard of such a thing? It’s like Fergi all over again.”  –Trix ; She is scary especially when she is disappointed/angry. That glare at Emily at the end. 


  • Was this the first episode without an appearance from Luke?

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