Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers – Season 1: Episode 16

Aired: March 8th, 2001

Written by: John Stephens, Linda Loiselle Guzik, and Joan Binder Weiss

Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard Gilmore

Guest Starring:

Liz Torres- Miss Patty
Jared Padalecki – Dean
Liza Weil – Paris
Michael Winters – Taylor Doose
Lisa Ann Hadley – Rachel
Chad Michael Murray – Tristin Dugray
Jackson Douglas – Jackson Belleville
Shelly Cole – Madeline Lynn
Teal Redmann – Louise Grant
David Huddleston – Mayor Harry Porter

Places in this Episode:

Stars Hollow Square
Gilmore Girls
Luke’s Diner
Richard and Emily’s

Summary: It is time for the Founders Firelight Festival. Love is in the air as Rory and Dean celebrate their three month-iversary and Rachel blows back into town, surprising Luke. The night ends with an argument between Rory and Dean, Luke being forced to address his feelings towards Lorelai with Rachel, and Lorelai trying to call Max. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Relationships should not be rushed. Do not let others pressure your genuine feelings. There is joy to be had in the process, and an even greater, shared joy when a commitment is made to continue loving one another for the continuation of your lives.  No use in cheapening that by exposing all pieces of your heart to someone whom you know is not meant for that. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 5

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture — Romeo and Juliet (Star-Crossed Lovers), Tito Puente, Tolstoy, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble,  BAM (Emeril), Iron Chef, Cleopatra, Chucky,  Gone with the Wind, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Johnny Depp, Lady and the Tramp, Kathey Bates in Misery, Leopold, Loeb, Bambi, The New Yorker, Christine

Stars Hollow Events: Founders Firelight Festival


Stars Hollow Firelight Festival

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  • When Lorelai comes into Luke’s and asks how his day is going, he replies, “It’s looking pretty good now.” awww.
  •  “You are full of hate and loathing, and I gotta tell you, I love it!”  Luke’s version of Stars Hollow origin is hilarious and just what Lorelai needs to hear in this place of discontentment and bitterness.
  • Lorelai is sitting awfully close to Luke, considering how much room is left on the bench.
  • The banter about Rachel — so much left unspoken, but so loudly being said in their conversation at the same time. 

Observations & Questions:

  • I love the story Miss Patty shares to explain where the name Stars Hollow came from, and the importance of where the gazebo is placed. 
  • Anyone else try to force the books or movies they love on the people they love?
  • Star-shaped hotdogs? What?! How? On second thought, I don’t wanna know. 
  • “Don’t make me throw myself under a train.” Okay, okay. Here is my argument, that I know many will debate, but honestly… I said what I said.   Dean is not being healthy here. Even if he is kidding or referencing, the truth of the matter is, he expects that pressuring Rory will get her out of going to Friday night dinner to spend time with him. He should understand that this is a prior made commitment and the only night of the week in which Rory can spend time with her grandparents.  She offered him a perfectly good option for time after the dinner. There are also other nights of the week they could do their anniversary date. Dean, please respect her boundaries. (one of many reasons why I will never be team Dean. )
  • Anyone else lowkey love Hamburger Helper meals?
  • Lorelai has the same phone as Taylor and Emily.
  • “Three months? Well, woohoo! I’m gonna cartwheel.”  I love Lorelai’s teasing dialogue. 
  • I wonder how many times they had to film the locker make out scene. As much as I love Chad Michael Murray, how awkward would filming that scene have been!
  • Rachel… she is likeable, but my thoughts to her being there is summed up in Luke’s comment to her — “Nice story.”  Girl, you have got to go. We just got rid of Christopher, and we don’t have time for you. We are trying to build a relationship here.
  • Dean is still honking the horn to come pick Rory up. Emily would disapprove. 
  • Emily still opens her own door.  Is this the Mandela effect? Does she always open the door? I thought her maids opened it later on. 
  • “Just sit down, please. Just sit with your hands in your lap. I’m trying to read, so please just be quiet and try not to break anything else.” – Richard ; I imagine this is how Lorelai’s childhood was structured as well. 
  • No wonder Emily let Rory out of dinner so easily. Poor Lorelai being forced into a blind date by her mother. 
  • Emily mentions the DAR! Is this the first time? I think so! 
  • Wow. Emily is not holding back anything!

“Tonight your daughter is celebrating her three month anniversary. What was the last relationship you had that lasted that long?… I thought so!”

  • I’m glad that Richard disapproves of Emily’s antics as well. 
  • Ooo that men’s turtleneck. So 2000s. 
  • LOL!
     “Lorelai, are you a member of the DAR?”
    “No, I’m not. D-A-R-N.”

Silence from all, except Lorelai’s laughter at her own joke.

  • I adore that Rory carries books with her wherever she goes.  Anyone else bring books with them just in case? I definitely do, and I will admit, it has paid off often. 
  • Richard’s underhanded insults are the best.
  • EWWWW Chase’s laugh. He has an audible Ha ha ha.
  • Why does he look like a hungry vampire from Twilight asking her to join him in the living room?
  • Richard and Lorelai’s loyalty for one another is so sweet to see when he lets her sneak out from her bedroom window.
  • It is undeniably precious that Dean is building Rory a car. Especially when you are an enneagram type two and your love language is acts of service. 🙂 
  • Dean is unfair to Rory. I understand this was a sweet moment and it was okay for him to say, “I love you”; however, he has to recognize who she is. Rory does not do anything rash. She is steady and calculated. She does not enter into anything unprepared. He cannot be upset that she wants her first time of saying I love you to be intentional.  Dean also has to take her history of love into account. Her parents had loved one another, but are not together now. She is probably scared!
  • “I’m an idiot. I don’t know what I was thinking.”  … and now he is pulling the pity party move per usual.
  • “We just broke up.” 

Aww poor Rory! Definitely not the last words you would expect in an episode titled “ Star-Crossed Lovers.”


Gilmore Girls Recap

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