Concert Interruptus – Season 1: Ep. 13

Aired: February 15, 2001

Written by: Elaine Arata

Directed by: Bruce Seth Green

Guest Starring:

Liz Torres – Miss Patty
Liza Weil – Paris Geller
Chad Michael Murray – Tristin Dugray
Emily Kuroda – Mrs. Kim
Michael Winters – Taylor Doose
Shelly Cole – Madeline
Teal Redmann – Louise Grant
The Bangles

Places in this Episode:

Gilmore House
Luke’s Diner
The Bangles Concert
Creepy Guys’ Apartment
Stars Hollow Rummage Sale


Summary: Rory is paired with Paris, Louise, and Madeline in a debate for school.  They all must travel to Stars Hollow to work at the Gilmore House, which is currently covered with donated items for the Rummage Sale.  While working on the project, the girls find out that Sookie won tickets to see the Bangles in concert, and Rory plans on attending with Sookie and Lorelai.  Rory, encouraged by Lorelai, then offers the girls an invitation to join them. The evening takes a turn when Madeline and Louise sneak off to go party with boys. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Relationships hold the best memories. It did not matter that Lorelai and Rory had a night that didn’t go as planned, or that Lane was banned from going to the concert — their closeness remained.  Solid relationships can withstand circumstance and distance. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 2 … at least referenced. We did not actually see them drink the coffee.

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture —  The Bangles,  Charles I  Double Double Toil and Trouble,, The Wizard of Oz, Yogi the Bear, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Carrie, Wonder Woman, Joanie Loves Chachi, Everest, Catherine Zeta-Zones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Elle Macpherson

Stars Hollow Events: Town Rummage Sale – to save a town bridge

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  •  Luke hung a sign about the rummage sale on his window, per Lorelai’s request!
  • Lorelai asked a lot of questions to learn more about Rachel. 
  • Lorelai gave Luke back Rachel’s shirt.
    “Remembering is not pining.”

Noteworthy quotes:

“With these tickets, you’re about to enter sacred space. You will be treading on hallowed ground. You will be walking like an Egyptian.” – Lorelai

Observations & Questions:

  • Lorelai’s clothes are so vibrant — bright colors, sequins, patterns…  oh my!
  • Good rule of thumb when getting rid of clothes (as suggested by Rory) — “Get rid of anything you’d be embarrassed of wearing in a car accident.” I heard similar suggestions from my grandma. 
  • Lorelai’s bandana is so 90’s. 
  • Angela Martin would love the picture of the kittens in the toilet to hang in her bathroom. 
  • Jesse fact — my mom used to get so frustrated because I (like Lorelai)  would also rummage for treasures in the clothes we were donating or selling.  I would almost always regret my decisions or criticize hers and snatch my prized possessions back (which were then inevitably collecting dust and not touched again until the next time).
  • Sookie has purple bandaids on her fingers! She’s back at it again. 
  • Lorelai’s drop off sign said “Nothing alive or gross” haha!
  • “I danced on these drums…” Miss Patty  — I feel like we need a spin off about Miss Patty.
  • I have always wondered how Lorelai did not know about Rachel, but Sookie cleared it up for me! — Lorelai and Rory moved into their Stars Hollow house when Rory was 11.
  • Monte the Rooster — do we ever see him? I can stand behind a giant rooster statue
  • “How long have you two been together?”
    “About a month.”
    “Aww. Lifers.”

Hahah! This made me cringe and laugh all at the same time. A month in a relationship is hardly an indication of a life-long relationship; however, in High School, each day seems crucial and full of magic. 

  • Paris has no time for gossip and scandal in discussing Lorelai having Rory when she was 16. 
  • Lorelai has a beautiful, artistic way to take whatever ordinary thing she has to create a snack, meal, or experience that is rich and memorable. — Like the adorable pop tart appetizer tray, the pizza and coke lunch,  or a night out at a concert. 
  • Sookie and Lorelai are so selfless to offer their great seats to Rory’s new Chilton friends. 
  • “Check it out, we’ve got fans.” — ewww… No, sir. Back off.
  • Lorelai and Sookie had me giggling along with them in their nosebleed section.
  • Sookie serves up the truth again  telling Lorelai she is jealous of Rachel. 
  • I’m proud of Rory for standing up to Madeline and Louise! 
  • Who else loves buying t-shirts at concerts?
  • IMDb, on this episode, shares that the apartment where Madeline and Louise go to the party is the same apartment used for the outside shot of the apartment in Friends! I compared pictures and it’s true! Such a fun nugget. 
  • I would have been terrified of Lorelai and Sookie.  “I can’t wait to meet your parents. We have some catching up to do. I think we’ll just talk and talk and talk all night long.”
  • PLEASE check out Paris’s smirk at 35:50. Haha!  Then she says “You know what? I think this is the best night I’ve ever had.”

Gilmore Girls Recap

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