Double Date – Season 1: Ep. 12

Aired: January 19th, 2001

Written by: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Directed by: Lev L. Spiro

Guest Starring:

Jared Padalecki- Dean Forester
Emily Kuroda – Mrs. Kim
Jackson Douglas – Jackson Belleville
Luckas Behnken – Todd
Max Perlich – Rune

Places in this Episode:

Gilmore House
Independence Inn
Stars Hollow Bench
French Restaurant
Kim’s Antiques
Luke’s Diner

Summary: Lane and Sookie pressure Lorelai and Rory into double dates. Sookie and Jackson hit it off, but Lroelai’s date, Rune, ends up storming out of Luke’s, leaving Lorelai and Luke playing cards.  Rory and Dean have a sweet night, but Lane is disappointed to learn that Todd is not all that she dreamed of.  The dates are cut short when Mrs. Kim shows up frantic because Lane is out with a boy. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — Sometimes friendships look like lovingly putting your own desires aside for the interest of others. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 6

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture – Blondie, The  Beatles, Yoko Ono, Claudine Longet, Walmart, Taco Bell, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath, Bearded Lady, Foo Fighters, Cher, Mask, Beethoven, Dr. Pepper, Richard Simmons

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  •  “Luke, that is an exceptionally good cup of coffee!”
     “I added a little nutmeg.”
    “That’s very Richard Simmons of you.”
    “Well, what can I say. Chicks dig a man with a feminine side.”
  • Luke and Lorelai basically have their own double date while Sookie and Jackson are on their date.
  • I love that they play cards together, and I’m not surprised that he bends the rules for her. 
  • “Maybe sometime we could…”  NO! Mrs. Kim. Why did she have to interrupt?!
  • Luke! He lost his courage in asking Lorelai on a date. 

Noteworthy quotes:

“Lane is great. She’s my best friend.Todd should be so lucky to get a girl like her.” – Rory

Observations & Questions:

  • Sighting of the signature Pop Tarts!  Is this the first place we see them? 
  • “That’s great. It’s just perfect. I really do like them there.” – Sookie; Poor thing! She and Jackson are so awkward– and not arguing about produce!
  • Sookie does not have any neon bandaids, and her clumsiness seems nonexistent at this point!
  • Michel is smug about Lorelai being thrown into the double date with Sookie, Jackson, and Rune.  
  • Rory and Lorelai are forced into double dates with their best friends. This speaks volumes about their loyalty and selflessness for their friends. 
  • I love that they get ready together. Some of my favorite memories from college were getting ready for events with my girls. 
  • Sparkly clips for a touch of glamour.   — so 90s/2000s. I love it.  I used to have all the sparkly clips.
  • Sookie’s hair is very fancy for a date.  She and Jackson toss around the word hi like an air hockey match. 
  • Rune — I cannot believe the nerve. Lorelai is beautiful. “I cannot believe you set me up with that!” “With those big ears, I bet she can!”  The fact that Lorelai remains poised and doesn’t chew Rune out is further evidence of her grace and love for Sookie. 
  • Lane is so excited just to talk freely about her music passion, and Todd is so… unaware. 
  • “If I major in gym, I’ll only have to take four classes my senior year. “ “Oh, cool.” Poor Lane. 
  • Wait just a second. Dean says they work on their bikes together and he’s got the good tools.  Does that mean he does in fact have a motorcycle, which he claimed not to have with Lorelai?
  • Rune beheading the Swann hahaha! Such a red flag. 
  • Admittedly, I actually did love the movie Beethoven when I was younger. 
  • Mrs. Kim escalates from 0 to 100 in fear of Lane and Rory being with a boy. 
  • I love how open and honest Lorelai and Rory are when dealing with conflict. 
  • Mrs. Kim and Lorelai have a sweet bonding moment about their care for the girls.Gilmore Girls Recap

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