Love, War and Snow – Season 1: Ep. 8

Aired: December 14, 2000

Written by: Joan Binder Weiss

Directed by: Alan Myerson

Special Appearance: Edward Herrmann – Richard Gilmore

Guest Starring:

Liz Torres – Miss Patti
Jared Padalecki – Dean
Michael Winters – Taylor Doosey
David Huddleston – Mayor Harry Porter
Scott Cohen – Max Medina

Places in this Episode:

Miss Patti’s
Gilmore House
Independence Inn
Richard and Emily’s
Movie Theater

SummaryA snowstorm hits and Lorelai has the house to herself, while Rory is in Hartford with her grandparents.  Max Medina, Rory’s English Teacher, has car trouble, and Lorelai shows him around Stars Hollow and back to her home.  Much to their surprise, Lane comes out of Rory’s bedroom, upset about her day. 

Smile in a Cup for this Episode — In our relationships, sometimes the best thing we can offer is to simply be present. The ministry of presence is powerful, loyal, and loving. 

Keeping Count–

Cups of Coffee in this episode: 8 (from Luke to the Reenactors) + 4 

Stars Hollow Events: Town Meeting, Reenactment of the  Legendary Battle of Stars Hollow

Emily’s Maids: She mentions Florence is her cook and Anna is the maid. This may be the first time a maid has been mentioned. 

References to Literature, Movies, or Pop Culture — Star Trek, Jane Austen, Hunter Thompson, Charlotte Bronte, Harold Finn, The Cure, Judy Blume, Legos

Noteworthy Lorelai-Luke Moments:

  • Lorelai opens up about her childhood and love for snow, while Luke shared that his Dad loved being a reenactor.
  •  Poor Luke looks heartbroken when he sees Lorelai and Max kissing in the snow. 

Noteworthy quotes:

“I smell snow. I love snow. Everything’s magical when it snows. Everything’s pretty.” – Lorelai

“Don’t be sorry. Be here.” – Lane

Observations & Questions:

  • We have our first scene of Lorelai mesmerized by snow. 
  • Is that a creepy clown pillow at 5:07 in the background? 
  • Poor Lane. Rory is so enchanted by Dean that she does not even listen to Rory. Ah ha! Lorelai calls Rory out for not even liking Rocky Road cookies. I love their fun banter with Rory as she leaves the Independence Inn.
  • LOL at Lane brushing her hand through Rich Bloomfield’s hair. Poor girl. Good thing Mrs. Kim did not see that.
  • La la la music is playing when Lorelai wakes up to smell snow, when she walks through the snow with Max, when Rory is going through Lorelai’s room, and when she finds the picture of Chris and Lorelai.
  • Lane rages at Rory about touching Rich’s hair, and calls her out for not being a good friend.
  • I love the scenes with Rory making Richard and Emily a frozen pizza. “You have to hurry! The stove is buzzing!” – Emily “If you wanna get really crazy, you can pick it up!” – Rory
  • Wait a second. Are these the pictures Lorelai and Emily claim have been destroyed by Lorelai because of her “big head”?
  • Luke, the old softy, tries to be kind by bringing out coffee to the reenactors. 
  • I am proud of Lorelai for letting Lane stay! She already shows a contrast to Rory by showing she puts her guys second. 
  • Paul Frank PJs!! Who else remembers these?
  • I spy Tiki Statues and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head salt shakers!
  • The episode ends with sweet Rory wishing for her dad and her Mom to be together… enter Lorelai Christopher saga. 

Gilmore Girls Recap

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